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Elites Private Bank is a company founded in 1971 and based in Geneva, Switzerland. We abide by the highest standards of the traditional Swiss financial expertise while embracing the transparency and technology of the modern world.
Our activities take us far beyond the borders of Switzerland as we work closely with most financial centers in the world, including the United States of America.
Our activities take us far beyond the borders of Switzerland as we work closely with most financial centers in the world, including the United States of America.
We are completely independent from financial institutions and product providers, thus fully eliminating potential conflicts of interest. We operate in full transparency and we provide total accountability for our services.
Our goal is to serve our clients to the best of our abilities in order to become their trusted partner in all financial matters.

Our Services

what we provide customers

  • Asset Management

    Asset Management

    We combine extensive human experience with powerful quantitative input to create institutional-style asset management. Our systems are designed to accompany our clients through all sorts of market environment, regardless of how challenging times are. Our aim is to provide consistent compounded returns over time while respecting strict risk parameters. Our management style is particularly appropriate for Core portfolios where long-term objectives prevail.

  • Financial Reporting

    Cost Control

    Cost Control: find out exactly how much you are paying for each of your investments and how these costs are broken down by your various service providers. Make sure that what you pay is what you negotiated. When markets are challenging, reducing your cost structure is the first and most efficient way to immediately boost your performance. Our Cost Control report gives you all the information you need to accurately monitor your situation and to act accordingly and protect your interests when needed.

  • Financial Reporting


    Consolidation: get a global and exact picture of your assets, liquid or illiquid, of their allocation, and of their performance, on an account-by-account and consolidated basis. Wherever your assets are deposited or held, you gain unprecedented level of access and information on your global wealth. By exercising tight control, you significantly reduce risk of suboptimal allocation, such as unwanted concentrated positions or geographic or currency overweight. You gain immediate access to your performance and you can compare your various accounts. Our consolidated report gives you the power of global custody without compromissing on confidentiality or cost.

  • Financial Reporting

    Risk Control

    Risk Control: each of your accounts has a specific risk profile. What happens if you sum up these risks across your different portfolios? Do they cancel each other out? Do they add up? Do they increase exponentially? What is your true global level of risk? Our Risk Control report gives you precise answers to these questions. It allows you to make informed decisions regarding the quantity and allocation of your risk, and to significantly reduce potential drawdowns in difficult market conditions.

  • Wealth Planning

    Wealth Planning

    Certain situations require exceptional coordination between multiple actors: bankers, lawyers, accountants, product specialists, family members, etc. Lobnek Wealth Management has extended experience accompanying clients through such events as generational planning exercises, domicile relocations, liquidity events requiring extensive planning, or tax optimization exercises. Through its network of contacts on all continents, Lobnek Wealth Management can facilitate such processes by introducing you to the right service providers for your specific situation. More importantly, Lobnek can act as a coordinator and make sure that the job is done in a timely and efficient manner, with no details overlooked. In particular, it is essential to have a trusted partner staying on top of things and making sure that the process keeps its momentum, while maintaining your privacy.

Our Philosophy

our system of belief

We believe that each client is unique. Specific experiences, passions, and circumstances make you who you are, and your financial life is a reflection of this situation. It can sometimes be very complex.
Our services are designed around a Core / Satellite concept. We believe that it is the best way to represent a client’s complex financial situation.
The Core is the central part of your assets. It may be what you inherited and wish to pass on to the next generation. It could be the bulk of your wealth that you want to protect and grow conservatively. It consists of long-term investments where the power of compounded returns should apply to its fullest extent. Your Core is the part of your wealth that you wish to manage conservatively, in an institutional way.
Satellites are the true expression of your individuality. Through your Satellites investments you will display your unique touch, stemming from your particular circumstances. You may have a deep knowledge of certain sectors or geographical regions. You may have a passion for art or collectibles. You may want to implement short-term strategies based on your understanding of the current economy. All these are typical Satellites components.
Lobnek will help you to sort your financial situation and give you the tools to keep it organized in a way that makes sense to you. With the help of our powerful tools and reports, you will be able to keep a close eye on the things that matter most, such as performance, costs and risk.

Who We Serve


  • Alternative Managers

    Resolve your most complex challenges through our insightful ideas, sophisticated solutions and leading-edge technology.

  • Financial Advisors

    Confidently meet your investors’ objectives with our unique, outcome-oriented multi-asset solutions.

  • Investment Managers

    Rely on our expertise in fund servicing, global custody, asset management and investment operations outsourcing.

  • Financial Institutions

    Gain a competitive edge and drive performance with our holistic solutions and timely market insights.

  • Insurance Companies

    Look to our experts for sophisticated solutions to resolve your company’s most complex challenges.

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